This brief tutorial  how to force Google SafeSearch in Edge browser when using Windows 10.

By default, when you search on Google, all the necessary information related to the keyword is displayed and made available. There are no filters. Materials that are not suitable for children are also displayed.

With the new Microsoft Edge, you can now filter content and restrict Google search results to display only secure content. This will remove content that is not suitable for children.

Google SafeSearch is a kids friendly search engine powered by Google. It filters adult content and only current content that are child friendly.

When using Windows 10, you can turn this feature on for all accounts on the system, so anyone who logs in will be obliged to use Google child friendly search engine.

To enable Google SafeSearch in Edge, follow the steps below:

Turn on safe search through windows registry

Using the Windows registry is one way to force all users on the system to use SafeSearch. There are many ways to do this in Windows, however, the easiest and most effective way is to use the Windows registry.

To enable, press Windows key + R On your keyboard to open the run command box. Or use the search function to find the run app.

In the command box, type the commands below and press Enter.


Then the registry opens, navigate to the path below.


Right-click on the Microsoft folder and choose New ==> key. Name the key Edge.

After that, right-click Edge Choose the key you just created New> DWORD (32-bit) Value Option to create a REG_DWORD value.

Name the new DWORD value:


After saving DWORD above, double click to open it. Then enter values ​​of 1 To enable.

To leave it inactive, leave the value 0.

Or you can simply remove the Edge key to undo the changes made above.

Now if Google search is your default engine, then you should get the message that the search is filtered due to safe search.

this much only!


This post shows how to force Google SafeSearch on Microsoft Edge.

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