In this tutorial, we will learn How to install PHP in local system? Install PHP in Local system

As we said that PHP is a server side scripting language whose script we need a server to run. And for the purpose of learning, we cannot waste money in purchasing the server, for this we have to run a program of PHP in the local system, for which we will have to do the server configuration.

Whenever we develop a website, we develop it in the local system so that there is no impact on live data. If any type of error is in that application, then it can be corrected locally. Therefore, we develop any type of application in the local system.

Install PHP. How to install PHP in Local system?

We have many ways to run PHP program, one of which is to download and configure setup from PHP official website. But most of the people use a package to run PHP program because in it we get many features and they are also very easy.

In this tutorial, we will give you package install Will teach you to do. Here I am telling you to use software package because in almost all the companies the developers do not use the setup of PHP to develop the application, they all use the package in which they also get the database and install and It is easy to configure.

There are many software packages available for PHP. Different packages are available for different types of operating systems. for example

  1. XAMPP (X-OS, Apache, MariaDB (Mysql), PHP, Perl)
  2. WAMP (Windows)
  3. LAMP (Linux)
  4. MAMP (Mac)
  5. SAMP (Solaris)
  6. FAMP (FreeBSD)

You can install any one of these packages according to your system. Although most people XAMPP Use because it is supportable for all operating systems and has more features than other software packages. Mostly in the company XAMPP Is used only.

How to install XAMPP?

XAMPP is a package in which many tools that means many tools are available such as Apache server, MySQL database, Filezilla etc. This package has been created by Apache friends whose main purpose is to provide HTTP Apache server, MariaDB database and to interpret scripts written in PHP and Perl.

What is a package? Many objects must be combined and placed in a packet. package It is said. Like here there are many tools available inside XAMPP.

Install XAMPP in windows

Step 1: First of all, according to the requirement of your system, download XAMPP. Click here for official website

Step 2: According to your operating system, download the setup file. The latest image of XAMPP for Windows operating system is downloaded in the image shown below.

XAMPP download
XAMPP download

Step 3: Now double click on the downloaded file and after that Allow Start the XAMPP installation process. As soon as you allow, a pop-up box will open in which Next Click on

Install PHP XAMPP Installation steps
XAMPP Installation steps

Step 4: Now another pop-up box will open in which you select the component you want to install. Generally everyone installs all the components. If you also want to install all the components by default then directly Next Click on the button.

XAMPP Installation component selection steps
XAMPP Installation component selection steps

Step 5: Now select the drive and folder where you XAMPP Want to install After that Next Click on

Folder selection
Folder selection

Step 6: again Next Click on the button.

XAMPP Installation steps
XAMPP Installation steps

Step 7: Now XAMPP is ready to be installed, now Next Click on the button. The installation process will start.

Step 8: After complete install, a pop-up box will open in which Finish Click on the button

Step 9: Now preferred language select | if you English If you want to select language, select the option shown in the image below and Save Click on the button.

Preferred language
Preferred language

Step 10: Now XAMPP is ready to be used. For PHP program and MySQL database Apache And Mysql in front of start Click on the button.


Step 11: If Apache and MySQL start without any error then you can start creating project in PHP.

Install PHP. Apache and MySQL start
Apache and MySQL start


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