Repeaters are used within network to increase the length of communication. data process through transmission media in the farm of waves or signals. The transmission media weaken signals that move through it. The weakening of signal is named attenuation. If the information is to be transmitted beyond the maximum length of a communication media, signals have amplified. The devices that are used to amplify the signals area unit known as repeaters. Repeaters work the physical layer of OSI model. Repeaters are normally 2 ports boxes that connect 2 segments. As a symbol comes in one port, it’s regenerated and sends out to the other port.

Advantages of Repeater:

Repeaters easily extend the length of network.

They need no processing over head, thus little if any performance degradation occurs.

It will connect signals from the same network type that use differing kinds of cables.

Disadvantages of Repeaters:

Repeaters can’t be used to connect segments of various network varieties.

They cannot be used to phase traffic on a network to reduce congestion .