Before starting you need to download the CentOS 7 ISO image: Download CentOS

  1. If you have not set up Hyper-V , First Install Hyper-V from here (How to Install Hyper-V).
  2. In Hyper-V Manager select New / Virtual Machine…


create vm

3. Click Next on the Before You Begin page

hyper v tutorial-1

4. Enter Name and Click Next

hyper v tutorial-2

5. Select Generation 1, If you don’t you will not be able to mount the ISO for Cent-OS

hyper v tutorial-3

6. Now Assign RAM and Click Next

hyper v tutorial-4

7. Configure Network and click Next

hyper v tutorial-5

8.  Create a Virtual Hard Disk and click Next

hyper v tutorial-6

9. Select Install an operating system from bootable CD/DVD-ROM, then select Image (.ISO)

hyper v tutorial-7

10. Click Next and finish  hyper v tutorial-8

VM is Created , Now time to install The OS. 

  1. Right Click on VM, then Start the VM vm

2. Select Centos 7 and Press Enter.

hyper v tutorial-9

3. Select English / English (United States) and Click Continue hyper v tutorial-10

4. Now Click Next to Install the centos 7 Installation Process. hyper v tutorial-12

5.   Enter the Root password. wait for few minutes to installed the Centos 7 VM.  hyper v tutorial-13

6. Now reboot the server.

7. Enter login and password.  hyper v tutorial-14


Your server is now installed and ready for use.