TeamViewer is one of the most popular remote computing customers available on the Internet. Like Windows and MacOS, Linux users can install TeamViewer on their systems to remotely access other devices and computers.

In this article, we will discuss how you can download and install teamviewer, remote control and access software on your Linux machine.

Installing TeamViewer on Linux

Before installing TeamViewer on your system, you will need to download the official package file from the TeamViewer website. Packages are different for each distribution, mainly Debian, Arc and Fedora.

Download: TeamViewer for Linux

See the following table to identify which package you should download for your Linux system.

Delivery name Package extension
Debian / Ubuntu .deb package
Arch linux .Wire Package
CentOS / Fedora .rpm package

Although the TeamViewer website has classified packages based on distribution, sometimes it is difficult to deduce which one is appropriate for your system.

If you are more comfortable with the command line, you can download the package using to forget or Curls Utility.

for Public debutant Package:


download Tar Package:


for Rpm Package:


Download the package and save it to the appropriate location on your system storage.

Debian based distros

To install TeamViewer on Debian or Ubuntu, launch Terminal and navigate to the directory where you have stored Public debutant File.

Then, install the package using apt:

sudo apt install ./teamviewer_15.17.6_amd64.deb

Note that in the command above, you may have to change the name of the package you downloaded.

Alternatively, you can open the directory using Files Double click on the application and Public debutant Package to install it graphically.

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Install teamviewer on arc-based distribution

To install TeamViewer on Arch Linux and its derivative distribution, first of all, download Tar Package from website. Then, open your system terminal and navigate to the appropriate directory.

Since TeamViewer is not included in the package PKGBUILD Info, you have to run and install TeamViewer by manually extracting the package and then executing the application file.

Download download TAR.XZ Using package Tar:

tar -xvf teamviewer_15.17.6_amd64.tar.xz

Then, change the newly created directory Teamviewer Folder.

cd teamviewer

Assign executable permissions Tv setup File.

sudo chmod +x tv-setup

Check if your system has all the required dependencies.

./tv-setup checklibs

To run TeamViewer without installation, grant executable permissions Teamviewer File.

sudo chmod +x teamviewer

Then, run TeamViewer from the command line as follows:


Alternatively, you can also go Teamviewer Double-click the executable file to launch the folder and application using the file manager.

To install TeamViewer on your Arc-based Linux distribution, issue the following command:

sudo ./tv-setup install

You can also force the package to be installed.

sudo ./tv-setup install force

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Install teamviewer on fedora

Yum is the default package manager that comes preinstalled on Fedora Linux. This allows users to install applications directly from their source packages.

Open your system terminal and navigate to the directory that contains the downloaded file. Then, issue the following command to install the package.

sudo yum install ./teamviewer_15.17.6_amd64.rpm

Yum will automatically install all the necessary dependencies required by the teamviewer package.

If you are not a fan of yum package manager, you can also use DNF. To install the TeamViewer package using DNF:

sudo dnf install ./teamviewer_15.17.6_amd64.rpm

Remote Computing on Linux Simplified!

TeamViewer provides many features that you need to install remote computing on your computer. You can connect to other devices, control other desktops, and access various computers’ file systems on the Internet.

With this technology, you can also control the computer using your Android smartphone.