What is an IP address and how many types are there? How to find IP address? Types of IP Address

What is an IP address?

Full form of IP address Internet Protocol Address It happens. It is a number that is assigned to identify the location of a device connected to the network. The IP address is used to communicate and transfer data via the Internet that means the IP address allows the computer and any other devices to send and receive data via the Internet. Here, apart from the internet, we also send data through LAN which generates an IP address.

Understand from the real life example, the way we live in the house, we have an address through which someone can come to our address or else each other’s address is necessary to bring and carry any type of object. Like if you order any item online, then you need to give the address so that the delivery boy can deliver your ordered item to your address.

Similarly, when we connect our device through internet or any other network, we get an address assigned by which any type of information is sent and received from one device to another device.

You may have seen alphabets in addition to the number in the IP address somewhere, so now you must be wondering why the IP address will be called a number. Let us tell you. First of all, there were not many devices, due to which the IP address was limited to a number, but as the devices kept growing, now some alphabets had to be added to it.

A unique identification value is assigned to identify any device that is connected to the network. IP address It is said.

What are the types of IP addresses?

There are four types of IP Address which are as follows: –

  1. Public
  2. Private
  3. Static
  4. Dynamic

Public and private IP addresses are meant to represent the location of the network while static and dynamic IP addresses are meant to represent the validity of any IP address.

Public IP Address: These are the IP addresses that are used to communicate outside the network, such as if you are searching anything in the search engine through the internet, then your public IP address is used there. this Internet service provider (Internet providing company).

Private IP Address: These are the IP address that we connect and connect some devices locally and do the work of sending and receiving data. In large companies, private IP address is used to make other computer system sharable inside the company. A private IP address is created when two or more devices are connected by a network cable or personal network. This IP address is used within the network itself. The best example of which is LAN Cable.

Static IP Address: These are IP addresses that are manually created in the computer network. It never changes. Most of the static IP addresses are set in private IP address. These are created by the network administrator of each device.

Dynamic IP Address: These are the IP addresses that change from time to time and they are assigned automatically. Whenever we use public internet, we are assigned a dynamic IP address which is valid for some time and then a new IP is assigned to that device. Dynamic IP Address is best for security purpose. This IP address is the most commonly used IP address.

What is the difference between Public and Private IP address?

Key Public IP Address Private IP Address
Use in Communication Public IP Address is used to communicate outside the network. Private IP Address is used to communicate within the network.
Provider This IP address is provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and is also controlled by the ISP itself. This IP address is provided by the local network provider.
Work It is used for internet services. It is used only in LAN (Local Area Network).
Scope Its scope is global, meaning that it can be accessed anywhere in the whole world. Its scope is local meaning that only devices connected to the network can be accessed.
Cost It is chargeable that means we have to pay to purchase it. This is free of cost, no charge is to be paid for it.
Range Apart from the private IP address, all the IP addresses are in the public category. The range of private IP address is as follows. –, –, –
Finding technique To find the public IP address, we have to search “What is my IP address” in the web browser. We use the ipconfig command to find the private IP address.
Example Public IP Address is something like this.
Private IP address is something like this.

How to find IP address?

Different techniques are used to find different types of IP addresses.

To find the private IP address, we have to follow some steps which are as follows: –

  1. To command prompt Run as administrator Open in mode. For this you windows press the button and command prompt Search
  2. By right clicking on it now Run as Administrator Click on the option. After that Yes click |
  3. After that ipconfig type and enter.
  4. Now you will get the IP address.

You can search on different websites to find the public IP address, but you can see the best website here. WhatismyIP

Version of IP Address

Currently there are two versions of generally IP address. The first IPV4 And another IPV6. IPV4 is of 32 bits which is divided into four parts and a decimal is used to separate it. for example

Every number in IPV4 0 to 255 Is the number between and each part 8 bits Belongs to As technology increased in the world, the number of IP addresses also had to increase, due to which IPV4 started to fall.

Therefore, IPV6 was created, which is the sixth (sixth) version of the internet protocol. It is of 128 bits, in addition to the number, some special characters are also added, which is as follows fe80 :: 9d5c: d6c2: 93a8: 7863% 7

Conclusion and Final Words

We must have heard a lot about the IP address, but when we have to tell in the examination or interview, we are unable to tell. After reading this tutorial, I hope that you have knowledge about IP address. In this tutorial we told that What is an IP address? What are the types of these?