Step 1:
Just double click on setup.exe from the win64_11gR2_database_1of2Database folder of oracle database source.

Step 2:
Oracle Universal Installer will check the disk space and initiates the installation

Step 3:
we unchecked the option with the above screen we will get a popup like below screen. just Click ‘Yes’ with this popup window and Click ‘Next’ with above screen

Step 4:
If we are installing oracle database in our machine first time then go ahead with first option ‘Create and Configure a database’ with the below screen. If not, select appropriate option which you want and then click ‘Next’

Step 5:
Select ‘Desktop Class’ to install of full feature of oracle database 11g and click ‘Next’ with below screen

Step 6:
It will automatically select drive and folder to install database. If you want to change the installation folder you can browse the custom folder you have been created.

This screen will ask some more details:

Global Database Name: ORCL (if we want to change it we could name which we want)

Type administrator password and keep remember the password. because this password will help us to login into database with the user sys and system.

Step 7:
This steps checks all the prerequisites such as disk space, memory, environmental variable and so on, so once it is done we will get next screen automatically

Step 8:
Just click ‘Finish’ with this step to initiate the product installation

Step 9:
The next few screen will show the progress of oracle database installation such as installation preparation, copying folder to the target folder and setup files

After the automatic file copy and configuration it will start creating and configuring some of the default database schema and users automatically



Step 10:
with above steps the installation and configuration comes to end. So Just click ‘Close’ with the below screen to complete the installation.