If you accidentally modify or delete a file only to find that you really do need the original version, don’t give up: in many cases you can still recover it.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to recover deleted files

Step 1: Firstly, open Backup and Restore. To do this, click the Start icon at the bottom left-hand side, click Control Panel and then click Backup and Restore

Step 2: Click Restore my files
Step 3: This will take you to a wizard where you can search or browse for files or folders to restore. All files will be restored to their latest version by default, but you can override this to an earlier date, for example, before you made an unwanted change.
Step 4: Follow the wizard instructions to search or browse for a file or folder to recover. When you find the file(s) you want, select them and click OK.
Step 5: You will then be prompted to select the previous location for the file, or to browse for a new one. Once you have done this, click Restore
Step 6: If your file was previously deleted, it will be restored to the specified location on your computer. If it is still on your computer, you will be given a menu of options.
Step 7: You will then receive a message confirming that your files have been restored and offering you a direct link to them. If you do not want to view at this time, simply click Finish.


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