The Internet is an increasingly vital part of everyday life for people around the world. however if you have never used the web before, all of this new data would possibly feel a bit confusing at first.

Throughout this tutorial, we’ll try and answer some basic queries you’ll have regarding the web and the way it’s used. once you are done, you’ll need an honest understanding of however the web works, a way to connect with the web, and the way to browse the online.

The Internet could be a global network of billions of computers and different electronic devices. With the net, it’s possible to access nearly any data, communicate with anyone else within the world, and do much more.

You can do all of this by connecting a laptop to the net, that is additionally referred to as going surfing. once somebody says a laptop is on-line, it’s simply otherwise of claiming it’s connected to the net.

What is the web?

The World Wide Web—usually referred to as the net for short—is a group of various websites you’ll be able to access through the net. a web site is formed of connected text, images, and different resources. Websites will correspond different sorts of media—like newspaper articles or tv programs—or they will be interactive in an exceedingly approach that is unique to computers.
The purpose of a web site will be almost anything: a news platform, an advertisement, a web library, a forum for sharing pictures.
Once you’re connected to the net, you’ll be able to access and view websites using a kind of application known as an online browser. simply keep in mind that the net browser itself isn’t the net; it only displays websites that are stored on the web.

How will the net work?

At this time you’ll be wondering, however will the net work? the exact answer is pretty complicated and would take a short while to clarify. Instead, let’s look at a number of the most vital things you should know.
It’s important to realize that the net may be a global network of physical cables, which might include copper telephone wires, TV cables, and fiber optic cables. Even wireless connections like Wi-Fi and 3G/4G have faith in these physical cables to access the net.
When you visit a web site, your laptop sends an invitation over these wires to a server. A server is wherever websites are stored, and it works lots like your computer’s drive. Once the request arrives, the server retrieves the web site and sends the right information back to your laptop. what is amazing is that this all happens in exactly a couple of seconds!


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