As if delivery the beginning Menu back weren’t enough, Microsoft has designed its personal voice assistant Cortana right in. though you’re already using Google now or Siri, having Cortana on your desktop may be handy. you’ll be able to perform net searches to urge several of a similar fast answers by merely pressing the Win key and typewriting an issue like “How several ounces area unit in a cup” or “What’s the weather like?”

Cortana’s quite simply voice commands, though. If you sign up together with your Microsoft account, you’ll be able to use Cortana to line reminders, add calendar events, and it will even provide you with Google Now-style cards with relevant data like stock quotes or news stories. Of course, several of those options solely work their best if you’re victimisation Microsoft services—or a minimum of syncing your services like Google Calendar to a Microsoft app—but though you don’t wish to urge into Microsoft’s system, it’s still way more powerful than the beginning Menu of the past.


Microsoft Edge Finally Replaces internet explorer

Microsoft tried hard and sometimes to urge people to forgive internet explorer. It simply wasn’t happening. Now, with Windows 10, Microsoft is ditching the previous browser for Microsoft Edge. We’ve already taken a look at the browser and, whereas it’s still pretty clean bones, it’s many unique options together with a text-only reader mode, an annotation tool, and even Cortana integration. whereas extensions haven’t arrived nonetheless, they should be coming almost immediately, so Edge could also be price making an attempt out.


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