Bill Gates warns that after COVID-19, the next disaster of the strike will likely be related to climate change, or bioterrorism. In an interview with YouTube channel Veritersam, Gates talked about what he thought he might come up with after the epidemic.

“If anything kills more than 10 million people over the next few decades, it is likely to be a highly contagious virus rather than a war.” These were the words of Bill Gates, Philanthropist and co-founder and former CEO Microsoft, In 2015, Bill explained in his TED talks that the world was not ready for the next pandemic. He said “failure to prepare may allow the next pandemic to be dramatically more devastating than Ebola”. Increasingly by 2021, the global novel coronovirus epidemic infected a total of 154 million people and claimed 3.22 million lives.

It has been over a year since the onset of the epidemic, but there is no end in the form of various variants – more dangerous than before – with viruses already infected and claiming life.

In February 2021, Verteiserum host Derek Alexander went to interview Bill Gates and took him back to his 2015 prediction, which has come true. Gates was asked how presenter he was in his prediction and why not just do what was already done to prepare for something as dangerous and deadly COVID-19.

Bill Gates said that there were small earthquakes all the time or in the history of fire, war or storm, but these epidemics occur so randomly that people “wallow in a sense of security”. He said that this would not happen for the next few years, hence “why we should invest our money”. “This one (COVID-19 pandemic) will help us understand that this should be a priority.”

Alexander then asked Bill Gates if there was no more pandemic for the next 100 years, “What are we not prepared for, what is the next disaster?”

Bill Gates said, “Well, I can point to two – one climate change. Every year, the death toll will be even higher.”

However, it is the second point, according to the bill, that people often do not discuss – bioterrorism. “Someone who wants to cause damage can engineer a virus so that the cost, likely to run into it, is higher than that of naturally occurring epidemics, such as current.”

Next Alexander asked if COVID-19 could be the last global pandemic. Bill Gates said that the epidemic would be greater. “The way humans interact with other species, these viruses are coming under species barriers whether it is bats or monkeys.”

Asked if it is possible to prepare for these scenarios, Gates said, “We can increase our preparedness so that the number of people we have today is not reduced to death.”

They are key elements that the world did not have, but must “plunge into the bud” for these viruses.

Gates divided his suggestions into two categories – sector-based activity and R&D activity and investment, he says, should be somewhat similar in the two classes.

“In R&D, we need to mature mRNAs so that we can be faster and have factories around the world … there’s a lot that can go into medical science, including antibodies,” he said. “On diagnostics, with the ability to deliver 10 million PCR tests every day, in terms of field, we are in great need of diagnostic machines.”

We need teams of epidemiologists, so the investment is equal between R&D and field-based activity, he said.