Google Assistant is getting a new ‘Your Apps’ settings menu, which allows users to choose from two action preferences, allowing users to customize how the voice assistant interacts with each app. This new ‘Your Apps’ option will go live in the Google Assistant settings list. Separately, Google is also working on bringing a visual UI refresh, which aims to make it more colorful. This color scheme will likely change depending on the light or dark theme that the phone has placed by default.

9to5Google Reports That in the new ‘Your Apps’ menu Google Assistant Allows you to manage ‘How your Assistant works with installed apps’. Users can choose from two preferences for each application that appears in this new list. The first option is called ‘Let us assist learn from this app’ and this option allows the user to get a more personalized experience by allowing Google Assistant to access and learn from the usage data of this app. The second option is called ‘Let your assistant choose this app’ and this option allows Google Assistant to send a request to this app, when you ask for something that this app can do, even if you Do not say the name of the app. The report states that two options are enabled by default, and apps appearing on this list include Google’s Chrome and Snapseed. We did not get a new menu, but we can expect it to rollout in the coming days.

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Google Assistant to get Color UI
Photo Credit: XDA Developers

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Meanwhile, XDA Developers’ Matthew Pirszel Open A new color UI for Google Assistant. He was able to enable it on Sony Xperia phones running on Android 11, but was not able to do so on a Pixel 4. The UI changed colors based on the light or dark subject set on the phone. There is a green theme used by Google and the tipster feels that these colors are simply placeholders for Android 12’s wallpaper-based “Monet” theme system. The system automatically changes the notification background and accent color for quick settings based on the dominant color in the set wallpaper, and the same can also trend downward to UI Assistant of Google Assistant.