Reportedly, YouTube may soon make it easier for users to browse through videos by automatically translating video titles, descriptions and captions. The new feature on the popular video-sharing platform is powered by Google’s own translation app. Some users have reportedly seen this feature, which seems to have been enabled through server-side changes. It can be expected to be available to more users soon. However, so far only translations have been made into Portuguese and Turkish.

Android Police was the first Report good On the new translation feature enabled for some users by Youtube. Reportedly, some users were able to view video titles, descriptions and captions in English to Portuguese and English to Turkish. Takes the help of the new feature, as mentioned Google translate Automatically translating text, which can help users browse through videos more easily. The report states that the feature is available to YouTube web and mobile app users.

Recently, YouTube debuted Allowed Content creator on its platform to change its name and profile pictures YouTube Studio Without having to change the same details on them Google Accounts. This was clearly a highly requested feature from content creators and started rolling out via a server-side update from 22 April. However, creators with a verified badge will have to reapply after changing their details on YouTube.

In other news related to YouTube, there is a video sharing platform Roll out Beta version of Youtube shorts In the US after testing the app in India. YouTube’s short quick-clip feature deferred to rival TIC Tok. It received more than 6.5 billion views a day during its testing phase. According to YouTube Shorts product manager Todd Sherman, “YouTube is also working on ways for people to make money from listeners.”