In this difficult period of Covid-19 (Pulse Oximeter) Pulse Oximeter It is proving to be quite useful as it is a very useful thing that should be done in almost every household today. For this reason, it would not be wrong to say that oximeters have become more important than smartphones these days. But now the shops are closed and the delivery on online delivery is taking place after a long time and at the same time one has to spend 1 to 2 thousand rupees.


This mobile app will work as Pulse Oximeter, install from here


But if you are unable to buy, then you can check your oxygen level with a mobile app. Yes, a Kolkata-based health startup has created a mobile app to replace the oximeter with the help of which you can check your oxygen level.

How Does CarePlix Vital Work

The health startup has created a mobile app called CarePlix Vital that can monitor your blood oxygen level, pulse, and response rate. To use the mobile application, according to a report by Indian Express, “one finger has to be placed on the rear camera and flashlight of the smartphone and within a few seconds, the oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse and respiration rate will be shown.”

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At the same time, Subbrata Paul, co-founder of CareNow Healthcare, said, “People Oxygen Similar wearable devices such as a pulse oximeter or smartwatch are needed to achieve important things like saturation and pulse rate. Among all this is Buniyani Technology Photoplethismography or PPG. ”

Careplix Vital’s app is a registration-based application. It is said, “The AI ​​of the application helps determine the strength of finger placement, i.e. the stronger the finger placement, the more accurate the reading.” The report further states, “It takes 40 seconds and then a reading display and it is necessary to have an internet connection.”

How to use pulse oximeter?How to use pulse oximeter?

Pulse Oximeter CarePlix Vital App Available for both Android and iOS but you cannot download it from Play Store or App Store right now. But for this you have to go to this official website from where you can download the application for your mobile device.

Android users App from here Can download and Apple ones from here.