How to record voice and video call? Beginning in 2021, A. WhatsApp The development team has released the possibility for users to make audio and video calls via WhatsApp Web. The version of the service for browsers makes communication with friends, co-workers and family members much easier.

However, many users wonder if there is a possibility of recording a call. Whatsapp web Originally does not provide any features in this regard, but WhatsApp itself is possible to use Windows 10 or third-party applications to record calls on the web.

How to record call on WhatsApp web through Windows 10

For this tutorial, we will show you step by step recording with a native Windows 10 Operating System Applications. It was developed for use in sports, but can also be used for any type of recording on a computer screen.

Phase 1. Open WhatsApp Web on PC using your default browser.

step 2. Start a voice or video call with one of your contacts.

step 3. Squeeze “Windows + g“Keys to open Xbox game bar.

step 4. Click on “Adjustment“.

Step 5. In “CapturingSelect “Menu,”To record audio“the option.

Step 6. Then, check “All“the option. This will cause the app to start recording sounds for all types of content other than games.

Step 7. Exit Settings and “Go to”Capture“the option.

Step 8. Click on the microphone button to activate it (if not already activated) and then click “Record“.

Step 9. Normalize your audio or video call and finally, click the button to finish recording.

All recorded content will be saved in the capture folder. Whenever you want to edit or share, you can access them. This tip is valid not only for WhatsApp Web, but for any other videoconferencing service that you use directly on the PC.

Is recording conversation on WhatsApp web legal?

law States that you can record an audio or video call, provided that two conditions are met: you must be one of the call participants and the person on the line side must know that the content is being recorded – and you Recording has to be authorized.

Many people record conversations on WhatsApp as a way to use them as evidence in court. However, there is a general consensus that this type of evidence cannot be used in courts if there is no agreement from all parties involved. Therefore, even if you record the material without the consent of the other party, be careful when disclosing it.