According to a report, WhatsApp is working on a new feature, which will suggest stickers based on the words you have written. The new feature is said to be currently under development and can be made available to both Android and iOS users. Some references to how the sticker suggestion feature might work have surfaced online. It is initially said to be limited to the native sticker collection of WhatsApp. Companies including Apple and Google already offer relevant emoji and sticker suggestions to their users.

The new feature will analyze the first word you typed in the chat bar to suggest relevant stickers, WhatsApp Beta tracker WABetaInfo Reports. The source has also provided a screenshot and a video that suggests the default sticker icon in the text box, which will flash to notify users when the sticker suggestion is available. Users will simply need to tap on the flashed sticker icon to see the suggestions, as shown in the video.

WhatsApp is currently testing the new feature for its in-house sticker collection. Nevertheless, we can expect that it will also be available for third party stickers. Over time, it can also extend to emojis.

The sticker suggestion feature is not yet available for beta testers as well. Thus, it is safe to expect that it will not be available for the experience anytime soon.

Having said that, the report states that WhatsApp is working on increasing the use of stickers and emojis on its platform.

WhatsApp Started Sticker on its platform in October 2018. Since then, it has taken several steps to convince more users to send stickers through the application. Facebook-owned company enabled Support for third-party stickersAllowed users Make their personal stickers, And even introduced a Search bar to find stickers. Also brought up whatsapp last year Animated stickers To enhance the experience.

Similar to the ongoing development of WhatsApp, Apple Predictive emoji support is offered for Ios Allows users to send emoji to them instead of simple text messages. Belongs to google Gord Is also lying Artificial Intelligence (AI) based emoji and sticker suggestions From the end of 2018.