The term “Generation of Computers” is said to the evolution and technological advancements within the world of computing. Through each single major modification within the world of computers like reducing the dimensions of memory chips and processors, reducing the value, and increasing the speed and capability of computers a generation confabulation happens. every technological modification within the completely different generations of computers has created them smaller, quicker and fewer overpriced. within the middle twentieth century a pc may simply refill a full space or perhaps larger, however currently a pc will be placed on the highest of a table or perhaps on your lap. of these changes area unit studied beneath the “Computer Generations”.

Basically there area unit six Generations of Computers. ranging from the primary generation from 1946 with ENIAC that used Vacuum Tubes thus far within the era of AI, computers have increasingly been ever-changing. the most recent Generation of Computers is that the sixth Generation. The year 2017 is calculable to be “The Rise of The Robots”.


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